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Numerological Compatibility for Relationships

By Maria-Hélèna Pacelli, B.F.A., M.A., RYT 200

Numerology is a fascinating field for many who like to understand more about themselves and gain insight into an alternative perspective on life. It can also be a very interesting way to approach our life direction and find a more intuitive guide towards decisions surrounding important areas such as family, relationships, career, finance and even health.
While it may seem strange to use these calculations to determine things, many people find it very useful as a guideline, and countless studies over the years demonstrate the ways in which numerology can be used to guide various aspects of one’s life in a counseling setting. People who find it especially useful are those who wish to step outside of linear thinking and access other types of awareness, such as heart-centered living and intuition.
There are many different numerology systems that can be used, but what most of them have in common is the use of one’s birth date as the starting point for calculations. These numbers are uniquely attributed to the individual when they are born as a way to identify aspects of their personality and life path.
One system of numerology that is very powerful is Tantric numerology, also known as Akara numerology, as taught by Yogi Bhajan in kundalini yoga. This system works differently that most systems used as it is not only a system of numerology but an integral part of kundalini yoga technology.
In particular, Tantric numerology is often used to address matters of health and relationship with others, and can offer some insight into some of the best practices that one may implement in their life in order to enhance their gifts, fulfil their destiny, clear their karma and yes, also, improve their relationships.
In tantric numerology compatibility between individuals can be approached from a number of different perspectives. There are a few key numbers to establish relationship compatibility in tantric numerology. The first number is the soul number, corresponding to the sum of the digits of the day of your birth. When these numbers are the same, or align with other numbers in each other’s chart, this usually indicates a strong compatibility in terms of being drawn to one another, or to being drawn to aspects of the other person’s life. Another area to consider for compatibility is life path, which is the sum of all the numbers of one’s birth date. These numbers give an indication of a person’s purpose in life, so if they align with one another, or with the soul number, there is a good chance that the compatibility between both individuals is stronger.
While Tantric numerology does examine many other calculations that can also influence compatibility, these two are among the strongest and also the easiest to calculate oneself with very little knowledge of the practice.
Some of the challenges to the practice of numerology revolve around the notion that everyone born with the same numbers might be thought to have the same life path or personality. This is not the case, as numerology is not the only influence to observe, nor is it the only guide that one ought to follow. We are very complex beings, and our birth date is among the many influences that guide our life path as well as our personality.
As such, numerology cannot promise to have an overarching effect above other spheres of influence and can only offer some guidance to consider for those who wish to explore a more intuitive approach to decision-making. When considering numerology as a guide, one must be discerning in how they integrate this knowledge into their life.

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